Our material is specially developed for the creation of DECORATIONS AND EPHEMERAL SPACES
There is no other material like it in the world!!!!
It is very light and easy to lay… One person can create a very real space in a very short time:

Roll presentation
Less than 400 gr / m²
Whitout tools
Can be painted and varnished over

Aligned or misaligned

The easiest model to design and use on set! You place the plates whole, one next to the other without further complication, and they are ideal for any design:
Simple, simple compound, compound, murals… everything you want!

Kill joints, joint breakers or stuck

Very attractive results, but you must take into account that you will have to cut some tiles (indicated in pink) to fit the next plank. The design is more complicated, so we recommend that you only use a simple design or plain colors (in the “DESIGN” section you can see what type we mean)


We cut the plates by hand, so you may have to make some more precise cuts to join the planks and highlight some joints that are lost in the manufacturing process.
GLOSSY If more gloss is needed, it can be varnished with some solvent-based varnishes (make a small test first because some can spoil the image)

IMAGES AND COLORS Go to the section design your plate

Let’s get started…!!!!
Choose the model you want: