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 La Wall manufactures hyper-realistic reproductions of aged, vintage style, ‘weathered’ surfaces that serve as wall coverings in the form of sheets.

The average dimensions of the sheets are 150x90cm.

They are custom-made and personalized with your design, colors and frames.


Below we explain the steps you need to follow with an example. E.g. gresite


The first step is about choosing the model you want, that is, the mold that will shape the surface of your sheets upon which we will print your design.

The first step is NOT about defining the color, design, pattern, frame etc.

Go to “Our Products/Tiles”, choose “Gresite” and read carefully about its characteristics (dimensions, texture, finish).

Relief of the gresite tiles in a full, white sheet.

Detail of the relief / texture


You can now calculate the number of sheets you need to cover the total surface of your project.

Please, NOTE! Our clients are charged with the responsibility of calculating the number of sheets.


  1. Calculate the otal m² you need to cover with our product. Eg: You want to cover two (2) walls of a room with GRESITE. The walls measure: 2,4×18,5m and 2×29,4m. Add the total of m² of the two walls: 44,4m + 58,8m = 103,2m² . You need to cover an area of 103,2 m².

  2. Go to “Budget” and download the price calculator.

  3. Insert in the calculator the area that you need to cover (103,2 m²) in the pink cell next to “Gresite tiles”. The calculator will calculate automatically that you need 77 sheets (equivalent to 104m²). It will also show you which is the price per m² for the quantity of sheets of your order. 

For a more precise calculation of the m2 and sheets you need to order, we offer more information here.

*When uncertain about the quantity of material required, we recommend ordering a slightly higher quantity than initially estimated.


Send us an email with your order, following this EXACT description:

1. Number of sheets of each model (Eg: 77 Gresite sheets.)

2. Exact date by when you need to have received your order

3.Final destination (shipping address and contact details)

You will receive our answer within a few hours with the final cost of your order (shipping cost included) and a confirmation of the delivery date.


In the page of the product you can download a photoshop template in which you can insert your image and edit the color and textures in order to accomplish the desired final result.

Please read carefully the use instructions of the template before starting your design!

Once your design is finished, check carefully for posible errors, save the file and send it to us.

ATTENTION! We will print on the sheets the final result of your own editing process!

You will get template as seen here

You can make all the modifications you need. Edit the color, texture, etc.

This is your final result!

What do you think?


Our manufacturing process is handmade. Thus, it is important for us to explain clearly that there might be some slight imperfections owed to the manufacturing process.

  • The image fit to the modelled template is very accurate yet not perfect. A slight displacement of the image will be more evident on a polished, new surface than on an aged, weathered one. We recommend. We recommend thicker and stained grout rather than a thin and clear one.
  • Small bubbles and imperfections on some spots of the sheet.
  • We cut the sheets by hand so you might need to rectify some cuttings or fix some joints with putty or color during the installation of the product.
  • The hue of the printed product may slightly differ from the digital one depending on the color settings of the screen of your device.
  • Small scratches caused during transportation can be easily rectified with acrylic paint.
  • In case that the product is delivered to you damaged due to transportation, please, contact us. We will take care of the replacement of the damaged part.