Choose the most appropriate tile model for your project based on its characteristics:

Tile size, aligned or staggered, volume, texture, aging effect, etc.

The color and design of the following models are fully customizable.

5 x20

6.5×20 stacked

Oriental flower

Edge tile

Sheets cutting

At LaWALL, we deliver sheets cut along their outer perimeter, both for stacked and staggered patterns. Sheets are cut by hand, so you may need to adjust some cuts and touch up joints when installing the sheets.

For staggered tile models (unaligned), you will need to cut the joints yourself to join the sheets together. The complexity of the cuts may vary depending on the model. In the following example, you can see the entire panel as we deliver it, with all the areas that need to be cut by the customer highlighted in pink:

Tiles finish


All our tile models, except for “Panot Flor” and “Paseo de Gracia,” are delivered without varnish, featuring the natural sheen of the material, which ranges from medium to high.

If you wish to modify the finish, we suggest applying varnish with a spray or an air gun. We also recommend avoiding water-based varnish. Please remember to test it on a small piece before proceeding, as some solvents may damage the printed image.

Tiles format - Stacked or Staggered


Before making your choice, please review the two categories into which we divide all the models: