7,5 x 30 cm tile




New, with slightly wavy surfaces. Regular grout.


The texture or volume of the sheet cannot be changed.

Please check carefully the volume of the product before proceeding to your order. We will print you design on top of this volume.

If you want to print a design with new, tide tiles, please remind that the volume will keep the cracks and flaws of the model.


Sheet dimensions: 1,51 x 0,92m

Usable area: 1,39 m²

When calculating how many sheets you need, you should always consider the usable area.

Once you calculate how many sheets or square meters you need, you can fill out our form to receive a quote tailored to your order.


Customizable printing. Insert your own images, patterns… Modify the color or aging layers according to the needs of your project (more details in the “Design” section).

7,5×30 cm tiles sheet

Detail of installed sheet.

Custom design.


At LaWALL, we deliver sheets cut along their outer perimeter, both for staacked and staggered patterns. Sheets ar cut by hand, so you may need to adjust some cuts and touch up joints when installing the sheets.


This product is not varnished as the material surface is already glossy.

In case that you wish to modify the finish, we suggest you to apply a varnish with a spray or an air gun. We also recommend to not use a water-based varnish. Please remind to test it in a small piece before proceeding. Some solvents may damage the printed image.


Download the template and start editing your design. Fill out our form at the following link, and we will send you the template in a .PSD file format.

You can rely on our assistance throughout the editing process of your project.

*All images in the template are protected by copyright. Their use is limited to the production of sheets at LaWall.