Choose the model you want:
(colours and patterns are not taken into account here, ONLY the shape and format of the bricks).

in case you need another brick type, do not hesitate to contact us!!! for orders of around 50 m2, we can quote you for a customised mould.

Product stock

Our products 4,5 x 20 cm bricks and Construction bricks are in stock in order to offer a fast delivery.

The cost per sheet is 34,4€ (27,5€ m2 on average).

Our delivery rates for any quantity of our bricks in stock are the following:

In case that your order include different products, such as bricks and tiles, for instance, we will offer you the best possible shipping rate.

Deliver, finish and installation

We will deliver all the sheets cut on one side, so that it is very easy for you to join them together.

Our bricks finish is MATT. In case that you wish a deeper matt finish, you can apply a solvent-based varnish (don´t forget to test it in a small piece before proceeding. Some solvents may damage the printed image). 

This product is coated with a water-based polyurethane varnish. Please note that this varnish has a low resistance to abrassion. We apply varnish coating manually. Some sheet parts can show a brightness that may need to be rectified during the installation.

Please inform us in case that you wish to apply your own varnish to the sheets once you´ve finished the installation. We may apply a discount to your order.