La WALL- Who we are?

La Wall offers an innovative, custom-made product for set designers. Based in Barcelona, Spain, we design and manufacture vintage style, aged, “weathered” surfaces for wall coverings (brick, tiles, stone etc.) for the reproduction of ephemeral facades and wall coverings for set designers. The surfaces we create are hyper-realistic and look like aged with textures, reliefs and details that attribute to the product a vintage style.

Our wall coverings have the following characteristics:

  • Ultra-light rollable sheets: 400gr/m2 (approximately)
  • 150X90cm format (approximately, depending on the model)
  • Easily installed with no power tools
  • Custom-made design with your own image

Is the product available in stock?

We have a variety of models, principally bricks, available in stock. Follow the link below to check out which products are available.

However, we focus on offering custom-made designs for our clients. Feel free to ask us for more details/ to contact us.

Do you stock brick coverings?

Some of our brick models are available in stock, printed, coated and cut, ready for an easy installation.

You will find them in our “Bricks” page. The cost per sheet in stock is 34,4€ (27,5€ m2 aprox.)

What is the size of the sheets?

All sheets we manufacture measure approximately 150 X90cm (the size of different models may slightly vary). We always use the full size of the plate, so if there is free space left on the sheet, we can print for you any other design you wish.

How much does the product cost?
How can I request a quote?

Calculate the total surface you need to cover with our product. Introduce the area, in m², in our “quote request” form.

Fill in the form with your billing and shipping details.

We will immediately send you a quote with the total amount of the products + shipping costs and the date for the delivery.

Please note that you must describe the total surface area in m²!


Below, you can see an indicative price table for our custom-made plates, based on the volume of the order.

You can see here how the price per square meter may reduce as the order quantity increases. In some products it may reduce up to 27€/.*

*VAT not included. Some countries may charge customs or additional duties.
The price per square meter is indicative and varies depending on the usable area of each model.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a minimum order of 7m2 per model. This equals to 6 sheets of 150X 90cm each. Si quieres consultar nuestors precios, descarga la calculadora de la web y podrás obtener tu presupuesto.Download our price calculator and check out our rates for each model.

Do you offer small quantities?

We offer a different rate for orders smaller than 6 sheets. Rates for these quantities higher than the cost per sheet for our minimum order, due to the moulding production process. Payment terms for orders smaller than 6 sheets are in advance.

Our rates for small quantities are the following:

(Shipping costs are not included)

How can i calculate the quantity of the sheets i need?

If you have not previously collaborated with us, please, check out our section “let’s get started!”

Firstly, you need to calculate the number of sheets you need.

All the models we manufacture come in sheets of 150 x 90cm approximately. It may slightly vary depending on the model.

Please, read the following steps in order to calculate correctly the quantity you need to order.

  1. Calculate the m2 you need to cover.
  2. Select among our models the one/s you want here
  3. Download the price calculator here
  4. Insert the m2 of the model you want. You will see in the green column the number of sheets that you need and in the blue column the actual m2 that correspond to the number of sheets.
  5. In order to calculate your order with greater precision, we recommend that you visit this page where you will find help about calculating the dimensions of your project. In case that you doubt about the exact quantity of sheets that you need to order, we recommend that you order a bit more rather than a bit less.

Can i combine different models from your website in order to create my own custom design?

Depending on your needs, you can easily combine different models to create your own composition. You can easily cut the sheets with scissors in case that you need to create a “collage” made of different models.

If you need to cover a very big surface, we can create a new mold for you that will better serve the needs of your space. The creation of a new mold has an extra cost for which we will inform you before creating the proforma invoice.

Is the finish in gloss or matt?

We manufacture the bricks and canvases sheets with a matt finish. However, the rest of the models are not varnished and have a glossy finish. Please, read carefully the description of every product for its characteristics.

If you want your wall coating to be more or less glossy, you can apply the varnish by yourself.


Do you deliver the sheets cropped?

We always deliver the bricks sheets cropped for an easy assembly.

All tiles are cut by hand, so please, have in mind that in some cases you may need to adjust the cut. Finally, with regard to the staggered models, you may need to rectify some cuttings or fix some joints during the installation.

I need high relief sheets

We manufacture low relief sheets. The maximum thickness of our sheets is 7-8mm.

I want a custom-made model specially for my project

For every new model we create, we hand-sculpt its own unique mold. Thus, when we make a new design especially for you, we need to create by hand a new mold.

The average cost for creating a new mold is 750-1000 €.

Each time we create a new model, we include in in our catalogue. Please inform us in case that you want to keep the exclusivity for your model, so we can calculate the cost of your order.

Do you make custom samples and color swatches?

We offer for free a variety of samples so that you can have a very accurate idea of what our product looks like and how it works. However, we do not offer personalized samples.

In case that you need us to create a sample sheet (dimensions: 150 X90cm) for you, we will charge the “small quantities” rate.

In case that you only need a color sample, we can print and ship to you a sample. Please, have in mind that this will be a printed image without textures and reliefs..

Can I print on a sheet a design of my own?

When you choose any model from our website, you will receive a photoshop template so that you can edit the original model according to your needs. You can change the background color, the aging effects etc. However, in case that you need to add any extra element (a new drawing, a border etc) in your composition, you will need to process it on your own. 

Remember that the templates we provide you with are copyrighted. They can be used strictly to design models that will be printed by us.

Under what conditions should the product be used? Is it waterproof and heat resistant?

We offer all the information required for you to assess whether the product complies with the normative that in each case applies.

With regard to fire, please, bear in mind that the product is made of PVC with no further specific properties/specifications so contact with an intense source of heat and fire must be avoided!!! Always make sure that the use of the product complies with the regulations that apply in each case.

With regard to contact with water, we suggest that you test the product before using it. As the product has not been sufficiently tested when in contact with water, we cannot guarantee that it will maintain its properties if submerged in water for a long period of time.

Our clients often ask us whether the product is available for use as floor. The answer is no since this is not the intended use of the product. However, in some cases under the responsibility of the client, and when the product does not suffer a severe use, it has been successfully used as a floor too.

Finally, please, have in mind that the product is designed only for professional use as ephemeral decoration for set designers. The product is not intended to be used in public spaces or on a permanent basis as in these contexts apply very strict regulations. We insist that our product should strictly be used as we indicate.


What kind of tools do I need for the installation of the product?

You can easily install our sheets without use of power tools. You need scissors to cut the sheet according to your needs and staples, double-sided tape or silicone to stick it on any surface without difficulty thanks to its very light weight.

What the delivery time is?

Our manufacturing capacity is about 60m2 per day. However, the delivery time also depends on the volume of orders we are processing. In case that you need an urgent delivery, please, contact us and we will let you know whether we are able to accommodate your need and if any extra cost may apply.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! Before placing your order, please, let us know when you need to have the product delivered to you and we will confirm the delivery day.

Are your products recyclable?

Our material supplier certifies*: 

“ALL our items are 100% recyclable materials. The main raw material for our articles is PVC, which is a recyclable material and widely recycled throughout the world. We provide this product information on the basis of our current knowledge and experience (Safety Data Sheet) and can neither give any warranty nor assume any responsibility for factors outside our control or knowledge. We have not responsibility for any contamination (in minimum concentrations) from the raw materials.  We also certifie that our PVC rigid articles,  manufactured and supplied to our EU customers, are materials that contain an average of 7% of recycled raw material. “

All LaWall MATT coverings are coated with a water based Polyurethan varnish, which makes the product non-recyclable. We may deliver the sheets without coating, but in this case the covering will have a glossy finish.

In any case our products are a sustainable option for the following reasons: 

  • They are reusable.
  • they don’t need heavy constructions to be supported.
  • The aproxiamte weight of 100 m2 of real tiles is 200 kg. the weight of our coverings for the same area is 40 kg. This means a high reduction in the use of fuel for their transport.
  • Very low production of waste

*certified information from our material supplier, without warranties about any condition that may be out of his knowledge.

Are your products fire resistant?

Our raw material supplier informs that

“ALL our articles have a chemical composition with a percentage mainly of PVC.

PVC has the following Fire Resistance properties:

  • PVC is one of the plastics that has the best Fire Properties: Fireproof / Selfextinguishing.
  • PVC has good properties of chemical resistance and it has a behavior which is qualified as Self-Extinguishing

We provide this product information on the basis of our current knowledge and experience (Safety Data Sheet) and can neither give any warranty nor assume any responsibility for factors outside our control or knowledge.”