13 x 13 cm tile



Relatively aged, thick grout. Irregular surface, with thick enamel. Some tiles have fissures or cracks in the border, recreating an old surface.


The texture or volume of the sheet cannot be changed.

Please check carefully the volume of the product before proceeding to your order. We will print you design on top of this volume.

If you want to print a design with new, tide tiles, please remind that the volume will keep the cracks and flaws of the model.


Usable area: 1,32 

*This is the profitable area obtained after removing the small areas in pink at both sides of the sheet (as shown in the image at the right). 

Size of the complete sheet: 1,5 x 0,91 m

To calculate how many plates you need, go to “prices and budget”.

When making your plates, we can gain or lose a few millimeters, so we recommend that you do not adjust too much when placing your order.


Customizable design (more details in the “customizing” section )

Design with white tiles and orange grout.

Detail of personalized 13x13cm tiles design.


The sheet is cut by hand. You may need to rectify some cuttings or fix some joints during the installation.


This product is not varnished as the material surface is already glossy.

In case that you wish to modify the finish, we suggest you to apply a varnish with a spray or an air gun. We also recommend to not use a water-based varnish. Please remind to test it in a small piece before proceeding. Some solvents may damage the printed image.