Kill joints, joint breakers or stuck.

TEXTURE: Aged, with defects and irregularities.


Usable surface* 1, 25 M²

You will have to cut this model to be able to join the plates together. To calculate how many plates you need, this is the measure you must take into account:

Full plate size x

This is the size of plate that we will deliver to you

To calculate how many plates you need, go to “prices and budget”.

When making your plates, we can gain or lose a few millimeters, so we recommend that you do not adjust too much when placing your order.

Download this image if you want to make a montage


We will deliver the complete plate, so you must bear in mind that you will have to cut some tiles to be able to join them together (in the diagram above, you will see the ones that you will have to cut in pink)
Keep in mind that we cut the perimeter manually, so you may also have to make some more exact cuts, and mark some joints that are lost in the cut


GLOSSY If more gloss is needed, it can be varnished with some solvent-based varnishes (make a small test first because some can spoil the image)


As always, we recommend that for this model you only use plain colors as in the photos.
If you want to make a design with drawings or borders, you can do it,
but it is more difficult to design since many things have to be taken into account.
As you have to send us the plates with your designs ready to print, we advise you to make a simple diagram where you can foresee how they will look on you.
Look at the model “13 x 13 tiles” where you can see examples of solving design problems with this type of tiles