TEXTURE: Aged, with cracks and irregularities.


Usable surface* 1, 25 M²
As you can see in the diagram, the left side of the plate is cut out so that you can easily join the plates together.
On the right side (marked in pink) the plate is completely smooth (which makes it easier to assemble).
Width of the plate
To calculate the plates you need, take these measurements into account:
If you are going to lay a single plate, the useful width will be 132 cm.
If you are going to join the plates together, the useful width will be 142 cm.
The height of the plate: 94 cm.

When making your plates, we can gain or lose a few millimeters, so we recommend that you do not adjust too much when placing your order.
The brick plates CAN ONLY BE PLACED ON THEIR SIDE ENDS, bear this in mind when calculating the plates you need, as not all the cuts you make can be used later.


Bear in mind that the cutting is done manually, so you may also have to make some more precise cuts, and mark some joints that are lost in the cut.


MATT. We use a water-based polyurethane varnish, so it will be easy to paint over it if necessary.