Hyper-realistic wall coverings for stage sets


Customizable with the images, colours, borders, patterns and patina of your choice.
Want to give it a go?

James Price

Production designer

2024 Oscar Academy Award - Best Production Design

«We used the product on Poor Things shot in Hungary. We used it a lot on the Lisbon set. It worked really well»

Over 600 m² used in the production of Yorgos Lanthimos', winner of 4 Oscars!

How does it work?

choose a model

make your colours and borders on the stencils

here you have your plates!

Quick and easy to install

Delivered in rolls
• Lightweight: Less than 400gr/m²
No tools required
Quick and easy to install: 10m² brick wall in 10 minutes
Can be painted and varnished over


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